Top Tips

1. Check the weather forecast to help you decide what clothes you will need.

  • If it's going to be cold or wet, you might want to bring a hat and gloves to keep you warm before you start.
  • For hot weather, consider bringing a baseball cap to shade your face (or neck) and wear breathable clothing.

2. You might want to bring some old clothes that you can start the race in and throw away once you have warmed up.

3. Don't wear new trainers for the first time on race day - it's a good idea to run in them for at least a month before the event. It's essential that these have been properly fitted to your feet and running style. Trainers help to cushion the impact of running on your feet and lower limbs, which goes some way to protecting them.

4. Make sure you have something to eat and drink to keep you going on the journey home after the race.

5. Wear water-resistant sun cream - just be careful not to put on too much otherwise when you sweat, the sun cream may run into your eyes. Apply Vaseline to any areas where you have had chafing during training, such as under your arms, bra band, toes or groin.

6. The first few miles can be very crowded. Many people tire themselves out by dodging in and out of runners because they are behind on race plans. Try to maintain a slow, even pace and enjoy the event. As you warm up, you can increase your pace if it feels comfortable. Use the distance markers as a reminder to review how you are feeling, your posture, breathing and pace.

Open for entries, Event date: 31 March 2011, Location: The Olympic Park

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Event Date:
10K: 5 Oct 2014
1/2 Marathon: 5 Oct 2014

Glasgow City Centre

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