What Other Runners Say

About Training

“A training plan is the best way to stay focused and can be a great way to stay motivated as you will see a gradual improvement in your fitness and performance.”

“Be part of a group of friends who are doing the same run. This gives you a shared experience to talk about, a feeling that you must not let each other down, a little bit of competition and an enjoyment factor. “

“Find interesting and scenic places to run and vary the routine, try running at different times of the day.”

“Time your runs and keep a log of distance and times. Seeing these times get faster or increasing the distance due to an increase in fitness is highly motivating. I use one of those unwanted free diaries that you get every Christmas to log my exercise, weight, times, routes etc.”

“Let your friends and family know that you are taking part in a specific event and this keeps you on your toes and helps you stick to the training schedule, as you feel that not only are you letting yourself down but also them.”

“Smile when you run it makes everything seem much better!”

About Staying Motivated

“Every time I do a training run I put a sticker on the calendar at home – the sticker depicting how the run went- it’s amazing how good you can feel as a month goes by looking at all the stickers and knowing that you’ve stuck to your training timetable ... it also shows runs that you might have had trouble with. “

“If you can’t run with someone have an email runner friend! I work in Bristol but regularly exchange emails with two work colleagues in Scotland and Cardiff - we give each other advice, cheer each other up when we’re fed up and give each other that little bit extra motivation to keep going ... It really does work!”

“My biggest tip for continued motivation for training is having the BEST RUNNING PARTNER. We have a mutual understanding of each other’s needs along with a flexible attitude so that we are not obliged to do training if one us doesn’t feel like it.”

“I usually run with my phone walkman so that I can listen to music and can call for back up if there is a problem.”

“My motivation comes from knowing that not only am I helping myself by keeping fit and healthy whilst training, but that I am also helping others by raising money for charities.”

“If it’s not fun don’t do it.”

“I find it easier to run with a friend, I couldn’t see myself running up on 20 miles alone anymore. You solve the world’s problems on these Forrest Gump runs as I call them!”

“Not over-training is very important. If you over-train you’ll feel washed out and tired for days afterwards, and it will completely destroy motivation.”

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