Why Run

Running is a Great Fitness Choice

The Benefits:

  • Health and Fitness - burn calories, drop pounds, look great.
  • Cost – a pair of trainers will get you started.
  • Get Away from it All - escape the pressures of the day and enjoy time with friends, or simply by yourself.

What You Need to Know

Starting Out

  • Ensure your trainers are a good fit. For more detailed advice, see the What to Wear section.
  • Build up your training gradually.
  • Settle into a good stretching routine before and after runs.
  • Add variety by changing your route and by varying the speed you jog/run at.

Don’t become stale

  • Break up your training with different sessions that offer you more than just constant running.
  • Introduce cross training elements into your plan, such as swimming or cycling.
  • Different sports work different muscles – as well as your cardiovascular system – and offer respite from simply running.

Listen to your body

  • Give yourself time to adapt to new training demands.
  • Pushing too hard too soon can lead to injury.
  • Small increases are the key to success.

Know your limits

  • Take a break from training if you have an infection or illness.
  • Don't be alarmed if you find you can't return at the same level after a lay-off.
  • Never run through injuries - it only makes them worse and slows down the natural healing process. See your doctor or a physio if you develop any aches or pains that don't clear up quickly on their own.
  • If you suffer from repeated minor injuries see a doctor or sports injury specialist - your running style may be adding to your problems.

Learn from your experience by keeping a Training Diary

It’s a great idea to get yourself a training plan that will guide you safely to your running goal. Find one to suit your level from our range of downloadable Training Plans.

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