Message Guidelines

All messages received will be reviewed prior to publication on the Bank of Scotland Great Wall of Support. We will reject a message if it:

  • includes any personal contact information (e.g. email address/phone number) or other contact details (e.g. social media user names)
  • is offensive and/or derogatory, inappropriate or otherwise unsuitable
  • contains offensive language and profanities or asterisked expletives
  • is of explicit and/or sexual nature
  • is libellous, defamatory or obscene
  • contains or condones illegal or distressing content
  • includes any material which violates any third party intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to copyright, logos, trademarks)
  • contains links to websites
  • includes references to the use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or weapons
  • contains content with overtly political bias
  • contains criticism or malicious material aimed at Bank of Scotland, other companies in the Lloyds Banking Group, or competitor brands, or
  • is, in the reasonable opinion of the moderators, deemed unsuitable for publication.




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