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What to wear

18 March 2014

Run 4 it are once again the Official Sportswear Retailer of the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run.

You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get started in running. However, there are certain specialist products that can make your running much more comfortable and enjoyable pursuit. It's good to have already used this gear in training before the day of your event.


It is vitally important that you have suitable footwear for running. Our retail partner Run 4 It pride themselves in providing the best service and advice when it comes to fitting running shoes, using their ‘8 Steps to the Perfect Running Shoe’ analysis process.

Manufacturers have a range of specialist running footwear to suit different running styles. The staff at Run 4 It shops around Scotland will be happy to provide you with advice on and analysis of your individual running style.

Another key consideration is the socks you wear during your training. It really is worth investing in some ‘technical’ socks, ones which are designed to avoid friction and build-up of moisture. Cheaper cotton or poly-cotton socks can actually cause blistering and friction.


The correct clothing can make your running a much more comfortable experience. Manufacturers have developed specialist fabrics that provide moisture management – drawing moisture (sweat) away from the skin – to keep you relatively dry and comfortable during your training. The technologies involved differ from brand to brand, but are all designed to ensure you get the optimal comfort, fit and performance from your clothing.

There’s no definitive list of what to wear, and individual requirements differ. For many, when training through spring and summer, shorts and a t-shirt will suffice, although when it is cooler (perhaps on early morning or evening runs) it’s worth thinking about layering – perhaps a long sleeved top and/or a light waterproof jacket. Knee or full length running tights are also an option.

As with footwear, your local specialist running retailer will have a range of clothing and will be able to offer advice and answers to any questions you may have.

Further Information

As well as being able to analyse your running style and recommend the most suitable footwear and clothing for you, your local specialist running retailer should also be able to offer advice on many other aspects of your running including local running routes, groups that meet regularly for runs, clubs and much more. Why not pop in and have a chat with them? You might be surprised by what you learn!

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