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13 September 2017

 49-year-old from Dunbartonshire will be entering the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run for the first time this year as part of an incredible weight-loss journey.

Alan Caldwell has lost two and a half stone since resolving to make some crucial changes to his lifestyle.

He said: “Most of my adult life I’ve been carrying more pounds I should be.

“I’ve dieted and lost weight, only put it all back on again, if not more.

“When I topped the scales at 18 stone, I decided enough is enough.

“I was so uncomfortable; my weight was impacting my health, so it was time to wake up and do something about it.”

Alan joined Slimming World but making alterations to his diet weren’t enough on their own, so he introduced exercise into his daily life.

He said: “I signed up for the Great Scottish Run 10K as a New Year’s Challenge.

“I wanted to set a personal challenge for 2017, as well something that would help to keep up my healthier lifestyle.

“It’ll be great to get the chance to soak up the atmosphere of an event from a participant’s perspective rather than just as a volunteer.

“My personal goal was to get in shape and lose some weight but I’ve found that I really enjoy the running itself as it sets me up for the day ahead.”

Alan is joining thousands of other runners at the Great Scottish Run on Sunday 1 October.

There is also the opportunity for entrants to run full half-marathon, or to enter the Super Saturday family events on the day before.

As well as trying to achieve his personal goal of completing 10K, Alan will be raising money for St Margaret’s Hospice.

He said: “I can’t think of a better cause to raise money for.

“I’ll never be able to repay them for the care they gave to my mum and my family in the final weeks of her life, and there are no words that adequately describe the amazing work that they do.”

He has found that committing to fundraising has been a great way to keep up his training, which has been successful in the lead-up to the event in Glasgow.

In addition to this, Alan has even started supporting those who on the same journey as him by setting up the Facebook page for the ‘Lomond Walking Group’ to encourage other people to get active.

He said “I’m now down to 15.5 stone and I’ve dropped a couple of clothes’ sizes.

“There’s been ups and downs, and the odd set-back, but it’s important not to fall back into my old habits.

“Shaving a few seconds off my morning run time pushes me to keep trying harder.

“It’s unlikely that anyone else could motivate me to do what I’m doing at the moment; it has to come from within.”

He added: “I’ve had my fair share of health problems over the years but it’s easy to use that as an excuse not to be active. Believe me, if I can run, anyone can!”

To enter the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10k here

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