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26 September 2017

I remember sitting at home in the evenings watching people run past my house in all weather conditions. Thinking to myself why are people out running in the pouring rain, they are off their head running in that weather. However, a week before I run the Bank Of Scotland Great Scottish Run10k for Perth and Kinross council, I consider myself one of those crazy runners who joins others in their journey to run for whatever motivates them.

This journey has been no easy task. I literally could not run a mile before following the training programme. I still find it difficult changing from easy to medium to faster paced running so have tended to stick to a comfortable pace for myself for longer periods of times, and those mornings or evenings where you dread going out that front door are the hardest. But I now know I feel better in body and mind once I have completed my run and I miss it if I cannot manage. Never thought I would say that!

Another big surprise has been how good I started to feel mentally, physically and my wellbeing in general. I started to enjoy eating better foods too and in general looking after myself more. The group established over social media has been so motivating, empowering and encouraging to say the least and without the group would most definitely not be where I am now. My family and children have been so encouraging and kept me going through difficult times and another big surprise was my children joining me on various runs through my local area. Having my children join in was nice and encouraging for them too as they did not think they would manage and so joined me at least twice a week for 5k. It opened a fun way of working together and was really good fun. I hope to continue this with them after the race along with planning another race too.

My journey has gone from not being able to complete a mile to doing 13.1 miles on the 10th September at the Great North Run in Newcastle. I went through the physical symptoms of vomiting and feeling like I could not breathe and fighting this was hard. The more I started to go out though the more I began to feel comfortable in myself. I was so emotional after completing this for a variety of reasons. This started as a challenge for myself as I did not think I would be selected for Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run and after a friend saying to me I would never manage it, I decided to run for charity and raise some money for sick children after losing my niece to cancer. I knew doing it for charity was a good cause and many walk, so it would set me up for further runs in future. I then however was selected to run for Perth and Kinross and so the serious training started.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and I have a new love for running which definitely was never on my list of things I wanted to achieve in my life. I look forwarded to heading to the start line on Sunday along with everyone else and crossing that finish line in what I hope is the start of many 10k runs and a few half marathons in the future.

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