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06 August 2018

A 27-year-old husband will participate at the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run to raise money for Chest Heart Stroke Scotland after his wife suffered a stroke.

John Storr’s wife Shona suffered a stroke after falling during a snowboarding lesson in February 2014, forcing her to take three months off work.

John will use his Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run as a way to raise awareness and funds for Chest Heart Stroke Scotland which supported Shona after her accident.

Both John and Shona are originally from Oban on the west coast of Scotland but have lived in Glasgow for 9 years now.

Shona became interested in snowboarding after joining her husband in a snowboarding weekend in Aviemore, and decided to take some lessons at an indoor ski slope in Glasgow.

However, after her first lesson Shona began to complain of a sore neck and slight dizziness which couple initially put down to being tired and having a lack of food. Unfortunately, in the evening her condition became worse and felt sick, dizzy and had difficulty swallowing.

John and Shona rushed into out-of-hours clinic in their local hospital where she was immediately admitted to the hospital. Doctors performed a CT scan which showed swelling on her brain, and she was kept in the hospital for another three days for monitoring.

An MRI scan revealed that she had torn her left vertebral artery which, due to the lack of blood reaching that section of the brain, had caused a stroke as a result of a fall during the snowboarding lesson.

John said: “My initial reaction was shock, how could this happen to someone who was only 29? Strokes were something that only happened to older people in my mind.

“Shona's initial reaction was shock and fear, she couldn't understand or come to terms with why this had happened to her and was just worried that this was going to happen again. She couldn't sleep and was constantly in an emotional state, nobody could answer why and that was a real struggle

“Although she has not shown physical symptoms of the stroke, the mental health aspects have been very difficult for Shona and for both of us to deal with together. For the first few months she wouldn't even want to turn her head without moving her whole body with it from fear it would happen again, she didn't want to go out, especially not alone and even now four years on the thought of her neck is always in her mind.”

Shona was kept in the hospital under observation for eight days and then was off work for three months until she felt well enough to go back.

John added: “She has been incredible through it all and I couldn't be more proud of her and how she has managed to deal with this in her life.”

John and Shauna got married last year after being together for seven years and Shona is now pregnant with their first child.

John Storr2

This stressful experience encouraged John to share his story and raise awareness of the stroke. He wants to make people aware that strokes can happen to anyone no matter their age and that something that doesn’t look serious at first can be life-threatening if untreated.

He added: “Shona still struggles with coming to terms with this but we are both very happy together, we have always had each other throughout all of this and are both looking forward to our future together.”

John revealed that he was never into running but seeing some of his friends recently crossing a finish line in a marathon gave him a buzz and showed that this is a good way to raise money for a good cause. Now he is determined to take on the half marathon and will be cheered on by Shona.

The Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run half marathon welcomes thousands of runners to the city of Glasgow every year. The course starts in the centre of the city, in George Square, and from there takes runners past a selection of Glasgow’s finest venues and buildings. As well as crossing over the River Clyde, runners will take a trip through Pollok Park and Bellahouston Park, before heading back for the grandstand finish on Glasgow Green.

To enter the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run click here

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