4 October 2020 | GLASGOW City Centre | 10k & HALF MARATHON

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Ambassador: Little runner Mel

29 August 2019

Are you ready to set yourself the goal of a 10K or Half Marathon at the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run? Great Run Ambassador, ultra runner and Asics Front Runner, Melanie Ellis also known as @little.runner.mel on Instagram is encouraging you to find your motivation and not worry when things don’t go to plan.  

My passion for running came as a surprise, I took up running when we adopted our son, he was almost three and he was running rings around me. Back then I was almost three stone overweight and started running purely to get fitter.  

Once I started entering races I was hooked. Running makes me feel alive, it helped give me an identity and most of all, running makes me feel capable.

For years being my greatest would mean smashing a personal best record for my finishing time. This year due to health challenges it means I’ll be encouraging everyone taking part and enjoying the event with a big smile on my face.


All goals don’t have to be time or distance related – I have some races where my goal is simply to enjoy the experience with friends or make sure my son can have the experience of taking part or the pure enjoyment.

Start small and work up – These days I take on ultra events where I’m running upward of 80k, but that was never my intention when I started. Be realistic with your goals and your confidence will grow as you achieve them. Getting to the end of the street, or running for a set amount of time without stopping are good ways to get started.

Celebrate consistency – Just finding the time to get out and train is hard when you have a busy life. Staying consistent is the key, if you can commit to twice a week for four months its better than going out six times in one week and then losing interest. Set realistic consistent goals that mean that training is something you look forward to, rather than feel obligated to do.

Track and celebrate your progress – For a half marathon I will dedicate 12 weeks and stick to a plan, I will usually record each session in my training diary in advance and tick them off once they are complete. It gives me a great sense of achievement.


When faced with an injury or illness it can be difficult to keep motivated. Melanie is  currently battling illness but while recovering, she is enjoying running. 

There’s no such thing as a bad run – There may be runs that didn’t go as you hoped, but there is no such thing as a bad run. Each training run is currency, each mile run in training, good or bad, is money in the bank and on race day, you get to make that withdrawal. You never lose, you only win or learn. Just learn from those runs that didn’t go to plan.

To follow Melanie’s training journey visit @little.runner.mel on Instagram. 

For more information and to enter the bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run visit www.greatscottishrun.com.

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